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great pics . am well happy with the one of my cars thanks you x

Bognor motor gala

Many thanks, it’s a great shot…


Dear Jennifer,

We are both so very pleased with the images of our special day, they are absolutely fantastic! Also, your gift of our photo in the frame was a lovely surprise. Thank you so much.

We couldn't have wished for a better photographer and we will not hesitate to recommend you further, I have already passed your business card on to a couple of friends. Like your cards, very innovative and stylish,................ won't be able to part with the cards of myself though, they are fab.

So many of our friends and family are really impressed with the images as well, top notch.

Thank you again Jennifer, we are so chuffed, this will keep our memories so fresh and real for many years to come.

We wish you all the success for the future.

Kind Regards

Trish & Gary


Hi Jenny,

Your sample shot epotimised our wedding day, ...........absolutely brilliant.

Would you kindly send a few of your business cards with the disc, I understand that you are branching out on an self employed basis.

The last of our family left yesterday, the whole weekend was the best ever.

Thanks again for your friendly, professional and at times perfectly covert Smile emoticon approach, .........just the ticket.

Kind Regards
Trish & Gary
Trish and Gary

Wow these are stunning!! I absolutely love them, thank you so much :) (via facebook 12/2/2012)

Just to let you know, the photos arrived this morning and the prints are lovely - am going to put the CD photos on my laptop later - will definitely be recommending you to others :)

Thanks again,
Rachel x (via email)

Hi Jennifer
Just to confirm photo has arrived and it is lovely. Thank you very much.

Michael Wain
Thanks alot for a great photoshoot, photos sent on the same day for us to choose from. A great photographer with us in mind. Highly recommended.

I quik comment on your work!

All I have to say is "I love it" This is exactly what I want to achieve in photography, especially the people you took pictures of are brilliant.

I am an apprentice in media design for print media in Germany and I am trying hard to improve my photographic skills though I am lacking of time.

In November, I am going to visit a friend in Glasgow who is loving to photograph too. I will tell her that she shall have a look on your website too to show her how the pros work looks like.

Thank you very much for those beautifull shots.
Christian Schnee


hello, my friend Becky had an amazing photoshoot


Your photos are excellent
Charlotte Musgrove


Duuuude! I love this, its AWESOME! :D
Kristina Paige